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Nightfall - Diva

Somebody's running after you

There are times I do the same

But I cannot stand the way you live

I cannot simply follow sweet

My mind is drowned in a sea of thoughts, my heart
is bleeding

My mind is black I need no more, oh sister
release me

And I always love what others hate - but I never
give up faith

Out in their world I feel insane - at her eyes
I'm dying to stare

And I always love what others hate - but I never
give up faith

Give me a hug please do it now, sister never,
never, never, never let me down

How much I adored your inviting eyes

How much I hated to see you cry

Your love I wanted once not now

Feeling strange enough you cannot understand

Categoria: Versuri melodii

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Adaugat in: Nov 5, 2012

Vizualizari: 659

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